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Press release19 — Feb — '21

New harvest Adega de Borba Premium White

Adega de Borba presents the new harvest of Adega de Borba Premium White, a wine that integrates the Adega de Borba range with designation of Premium quality. Result of the 2019 harvest, this exceptional quality white wine, very balanced, will delight the most demanding connoisseurs of Adega de Borba. The new harvest results from an … Continued

Press release19 — Jan — '21

Adega de Borba Premium Red with new harvest

The first novelty of 2021 is now available, we present the 2019 harvest of Adega de Borba Premium Red. Adega de Borba range, one of Adega de Borba’s well-known brands, which includes this reference with a premium quality designation. Adega de Borba Premium Red 2019 is a wine of superior quality, signed by winemaker Oscar … Continued